Crouse, J. Robert  (1874 – 1946)
American Industrialist and Philanthropist. Born January 1, 1874 in Hartland, Michigan. His early childhood was spent in Hartland, but then moved with his family to Cleveland, Ohio. Graduated from the University of Michigan in 1897; worked with his father, J.B. Crouse, and uncle, H.A. Tremaine, in their business, the Fostoria Incandescent Lamp Company in Ohio. In 1901, they created the National Electric Lamp Association. When Mr. Crouse returned to Hartland, he set out to design his vision for a social and educational experiment for the improvement of rural life. In 1931, Mr. Crouse conceived the plan for the Hartland Area Project; whose objective was to bring the privilege of cultural arts, handicrafts, library service, health and welfare work to the area surrounding Hartland. He also conceived of a utopian society based on Thoreau's Walden at Walden Woods. Died July 8, 1946.
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note (August 22, 1942) J. Robert Crouse
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letter to Donald Appling (June 16, 1942) J. Robert Crouse
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letter to Hetty Havens (Oct 6, 1942) J. Robert Crouse
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Acknowlegement of Robert Louis Stevenson, Charles Dickens and Donald G. Mitchell re: donation of items for autograph collection


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