Hughes, Charles Evans  (1862 – 1948)
American Jurist and Politician. Born in Glen Falls, New York . A graduate of Columbia Law School; he achieved prominence for his exposure of corrupt practices of insurance companies in New York. Became Governor of New York 1907-1910; U.S. Supreme Court justice 1910-1916 and 1930-1941; Republican presidential candidate 1916; he lost to Woodrow Wilson in one of the most closely contested presidential elections; Secretary of State 1921-1925; president of American Bar Association 1924-1925; and judge on Permanent Court of International Justice 1928-1930.

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Charles Evans Hughes photograph (undated) James T. White & Co
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signed address reprint (Jan 16, 1930) Charles Evans Hughes
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The Organization and Methods of the Permanent Court of International Justice 20 page pamphlet - only front scanned


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