Byrd, Richard Evelyn  (1888 – 1957)
American Naval Officer, Explorer and Author. Born in Winchester, Virginia. He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his flight over the North Pole (1926). He discovered Marie Byrd Land and the Edsel Ford Mountains. He wrote several books including Skyward (1928) and Discovery (1935).

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Byrd, Richard (undated) B.A.E.
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In this picture, Byrd is shown with the American flag which he dropped from his plane over the calculated position of the South Pole. This silk flag was weighted with a stone from the grave of Floyd Bennett with whom Byrd had flown over the North Pole in 1926. Bennett had planned the aviation equipment for the South Pole expedition and he would have accompanied Byrd on this trip if he had not given his life in aiding flyers in distress. In his honor the plane which Byrd flew was named the "Floyd Bennett". When he dropped this flag Byrd had succeeded in advancing the American flag 1500 miles further South than it had ever been before.


letter to Perriton Maxwell (August 13, 1928) Richard E. Byrd
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