Carnegie, Andrew  (1835 – 1919)
American Industrialist and Humanitarian. Born in Dunfermline, Scotland. In 1848 the twelve-year-old Carnegie emigrated with his impoverished Scottish family to the United States. He began working for the Pennsylvania Railroad as a telegrapher and rose to be its superintendent of military transportation during the Civil War, then resigned in 1865 to pursue his own opportunities. After 1873 he concentrated on steel and built an empire that controlled every aspect of its manufacture. He consolidated several steel manufacturers into the Carnegie Steel Company (1899). In 1901 he sold it to the newly formed United States Steel Corporation, retired and devoted the rest of his life to the distribution of his huge fortune for the benefit of society including the building of libraries.

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letter to David A. Munro, Esq. (May 31, 1899) Andrew Carnegie
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