Caruso, Enrico  (1873 – 1921)
Italian Opera Singer [Tenor]. Born in Naples Italy. Also known as "King of Tenors", he is most renowned for his roles in the operas of Verdi and Puccini. The majority of his appearances were at the Metropolitan Opera.

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letter to Egregio Signore (November 10, 1916) Enrico Caruso
8x10.5   2 page(s)

Written in Italian


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sketch with notes (1911) Enrico Caruso
5x8.5   1 page(s)

Signed pen and ink sketch of pot and three other unidentified items


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sketch Enrico Caruso
5x8.5   1 page(s)

Sketch of easel


Caruso, Enrico (undated) unknown
3x5   1 page(s)


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