Cobb, Irwin S.  (1876 – 1944)
American Author. Born in Paducah, Kentucky. He was a journalist and/or editor for New York World, Saturday Evening Post, and Cosmopolitan. His books include Back Home (1912) and Ladies and Gentlemen (1927).
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Cobb, Irwin S. (undated) Underwood & Underwood
5x7   1 page(s)


letter to J. Robert Crouse (April 13, 1931) Irwin S. Cobb
5.5x8   1 page(s)

Letter that accompanied photograph of Mr. Cobb sent by Mr. Cobb's secretary Oliver Greene


Irwin S. Cobb signature (Dec 19, 1930) Irwin S. Cobb
3x2   1 page(s)

Mounted on tag board, clipped from correspondence


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