Thoreau, Henry David  (1817 – 1862)
American Author and Philosopher. Born David Henry Thoreau in Concord, Massachusetts. Taught school intermittently from 1837-1841. Best known for his book Walden (1854); which expounded the doctrine of simplification - his ability to "live off the land" on Walden Pond for two years. His other major work is Civil Disobedience (1849). Thoreau's profound respect for nature and Walden indirectly inspired the "naturalist/environmentalist" movement and J.R. Crouse to create his Utopian community Walden Woods in Hartland, Michigan.

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handwritten page from Journal (undated) Henry Thoreau
8.5x11   1 page(s)

Bearing an inscription in the autograph of James Russell Lowe as follows "Autograph of Thoreau. J.R.L."


document certification item item 4 (March 19, 1922) Thomas Madigan
8.5x11   2 page(s)



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Plan of Concord, Massachusetts (April 1860) Henry David Thoreau
24 x 30   1 page(s)

Hand drawn map of Concord showing lots belonging to J. Gowing, A. B. Alcott, N. Hawthorne, E. W. Bull Grapery, A. Tuttle, Lexington Street, Bedford Street and road to Cambridge.


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