Gounod, Charles  (1818 – 1893)
French Composer. Born in Paris, France. Gifted musically from a young age, he was the conductor of the Orpheon in Paris from 1852-1860 and composed many operas in the late 1800s including Faust in 1859 and Romeo et Juliet in 1867.
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Pensee des Morts musical manuscript (undated) Charles Francois Gounod
7x11.5   3 page(s)

This is an original manuscript entitled "Pensee des Morts" being one of Lamartine's poetical meditations set to music by the great French composer of operas and religious music. The song consists of four stanzas, with the voice and piano parts complete and entire in Gounod's hand and signed by him on the first page.


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Gounod, Charles Francios Harpers Weekly from a painting by Carolus Duran
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