Pasteur, Louis  (1822 – 1895)
French Chemist & Microbiologist. Born in Dole, France. Discovered that most infectious diseases are caused by germs - known as "germ theory of disease". However, he is most known for developing the sterilization process that is know as pasteurization at the bequest of Emperor Napoleon III.

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letter to a colleague (undated) Louis Pasteur
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Important letter to a colleague referring to Pasteur's research work. He is happy to learn of his correspondent's success with a virus for the cure of swine measles, and requests him to check the results obtained by feeding the spleen and intestines of a hog, that had died of the measles, to two fresh little pigs, as well as to two that had been inoculated. He promises to reimburse his colleague in the event that the experiment proves fatal to the pigs. Pasteur is disturbed because the inoculation does not cause a rise in temperature.


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