Toscanini, Arturo  (1867 – 1957)
Italian Conductor. Conductor known for his prodigious musical ear and memory, energy, personality and temperament. He pursued excellence in all aspects of conducting and music wherever he was a conductor. Conducted at La Scala 1898-1907, 1921-1931; conducted at New York Metropolitan Opera 1907-1921; and at the New York Philharmonic Orchestra 1928-1933

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thank you card (February 14, 1934) Arturo Toscanini
4x6   1 page(s)

With portrait attached


Toscanini, Arturo (undated) unknown
3x5   1 page(s)


Carnegie Hall playbill (September 29, 1936) Alfred Scott Publisher, 156 Fifth Ave, N.Y.
8.5x11   16 page(s)

Portions copied are program performance only


Farewell Concert at Carnegie Hall (April 29, 1936) Carnegie Hall
6.5x8.5   12 page(s)

Autographed program


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