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Answered March 18, 1815
Most highly esteemed sir;
Your delightful letter and the appreciable gift fulfill a long-felt wish, and precede a desire, which I have entertained during the past days, namely, to write to you and excuse myself for not having written to you sooner. In gratitude of your friendly reception and hospitality accorded me last summer, I have sent a poetical anthology to refresh fond memories. Furthermore, I had intended to make inquiry in the progress you have made in the interesting sketch of the Fortress of Mainz, and to request a sample copy. Of course, all this is now settled, and I hasten to convey my kindest thanks.
Truly, it is an exquisite piece of art, which deserves to be dedicated to entire Europe. I sincerely hope that your efforts will not remain unrewarded. Mr. Fehlinsing has again proved his extraordinary art.
In accordance with your order I have acted on the copies remitted. One intended for the Duke, has been given over to the Duchess; the second to the prince of heirs; the third to the Legate, Mr. Betuch; and the fourth to the excellent businessman, who, in every way, is in a position to promote a masterpiece of this kind.
I must inform you, that I have added my copy to the many other beautiful sketches and papers.
I very much appreciate the kind regard of your fair partner, to whom you may read some of the poems I sent you; and tell the dear child, that I think of her often when selecting characters. I delight in the anticipation of spending the first days, not the last, of my stay at Wiesbaden in her pleasant company. Remember me to all patrons and friends. Be assured of my high esteem of your merits and efficiency as well as your ambition and inclinations. As yet I have not seen the Frankfort ladies, but I hope to see them soon.
May your kind wishes and also those of our friend Vogt, soon come true.
Weimar, Feb 27, 1815
After repeatedly admiring your sketch, I cannot but add a few more words to its deserving praise. The wonderful execution of it is simply admirable, and the detailed characterization of the individual parts engender a particular confidence towards its trueness. Engravers and drawers have made a close and scrupulous study of it, and I cannot conceive how they could do more justice to such a sharply executed masterpiece. Everyone, who has seen it, was enraptured and thrilled with it.
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