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My Dear and Honorable Gade
Forgive me because I have not yet thanked you for the great happiness you have brought me by sending me a violin concerto. I received it shortly after Christmas, and find it excellent.
All parts are fitting and it is very impressive. The violin players will enjoy the parts and will be very thankful. I am very impatient to try it with the entire orchestra and pry you therefore for permission to have the individual instrumental parts written. Will you please write to me regarding this at your earliest convenience. I would also like your permission to be able to have the orchestra play it at various concerts and would prefer it best to have it played here in Copenhagen, but that is impossible since I am on my way to England. Are you coming to see us at any time? In some way I must play your concerto for you. Greet your loved ones for me and accept my heartiest wishes.
Sincerely your,
Joseph Joachim
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