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Boston, January 28, 1871
My Dear Sir:
I am very sorry that I have been delayed so long in answering your note, and especially that, owning to my absence, I did not receive it in time to reply before the meeting which you kindly invited me to attend. I should have been very glad to join in your rejoicing over the unity & liberty of Italy which is the first fruits of the present was, the first sign of the better things yet to come out of it which must be in time our consolation for all its horrors. When a Catholic like Father Hyacinthe is able to call this great event "the beginning of the regeneration of his Church" surely we can have nothing but thankfulness for it. Now may wisdom and strength be given to perfect the work that has been so hopefully begun.
Again I thank you for inviting me to your meeting and I am
Most Sincerely Yours,
Phillips Z Brooks
D. V. Botta
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